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Our professional grant writing, evaluation, training, and organizational development services are appropriate for a wide variety of agencies from the smallest non-profit to some of the largest corporate entities in the United States. 
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Heartland Grant Solutions supports program adaptation and leaves a margin for unexpected results. 
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We strive to provide innovators the information and data they need to discover new solutions, patterns, and pathways towards strengthening all types of organizations.
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Heartland Solutions supports early education systems and providers of all types including Head Start, non-profit child care, for-profit child care, school-based programs, and state prekindergarten. Our professional staff has a long history of work with diverse providers, and understands the similarities and differences between the programs, the alignment of standards and policies, as well as the blending of funding to best serve children and families. Heartland specializes in writing grant proposals, creating Community Needs Assessments, developing program policies and procedures, implementing programs, managing post-award activities, and locating additional funding sources. Please contact us at 970-776-4330 to discuss how we can support your program needs. 
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