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Strategic Visioning 
Our custom grant training workshops either at Heartland in Loveland, CO or onsite at your location, are ideal if you have specific grant training needs. They are a cost-effective way to train multiple staff on grant writing techniques. We also provide grant training for specific grant opportunities. 
Heartland presents at a number of professional conferences held across the U.S. Check our blog and watch for these announcements in our newsletter. This is a great opportunity to receive free grant training. 
Public Workshops
Heartland offers a range of public workshops that teach participants grant writing skills. In these highly focused sessions, participants work closely with our consultants to gain hands-on practice using our tools and methodologies. 
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To discuss your training needs, get more information, or to see our workshop policies, please contact us.


Custom Workshops
Just a Few of Our Planning Tools 
The SPOT Matrix: Heartland utilizes VS templates produced through our GROVE SV Certification. Our take on the ever popular SWOT matrix involves analyzing the strengths, problems (weaknesses), opportunites and inherent threats to the organization, group, or community. This helps all individuals in the room pool their thoughts into one place and builds a solid picture of the current conditions of a community. 
The Bold Steps Vision:  After creating a desired end state (the vision), it is time to step back and determine how that end state is going to be reached. A preliminary way to bridge the gap between where the group currently is and where they want to be is to brainstorm ‘big, bold steps’. These are the big, main areas that will need to be accomplished. Actions that have many smaller, more detailed actions embedded in them.
Heartland consultants are certified in Strategic Visioning (SV) a uniquely flexible methodology for visually aided strategic analysis. It supports strategy development, alignment, and change for organizations and communities. The foundation of the SV process is engaging stakeholders in thoughtful conversations, visually supported, that bring key stakeholders into consensus about new directions. The Heartland approach is unique in that we integrate the SV process with collective impact principals and funding directions using our Five-Step Sustainability Process.
Five-Steps to Sustainability: Strategic Planninactivities are typically facilitated using a two-day retreat format and paired with our community assessment, in an effort to establish long-term organizational goals that are connected to a fund-development plan.  
The Graphic GamePlan: The Graphic Gameplan chart is an effective, simple planning tool that assists with the goal setting process. Each bold step is broken down into its overall objectives, the team and resources that are available, the stages and tasks needed to reach the objectives, the success factors that will need to be in place to support the plan, as well as the inevitable challenges that can be expected to be encountered along the way.
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