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Communicating About Recompetition and Your Program
Since Head Start and Early Head Start recompetition opportunities are posted on the ACF website, several audiences are likely to hear that their beloved Head Start or Early Head Start program may be in jeopardy of termination. Concerns about The impacts of recompetition such as the loss of employment, child care, home visiting, and other community services can all introduce long-term morale issues and reputational liabilities at a time when your program is most in need of support.  Click here to read more 
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DRS - Key Strategies for Developing a Winning Proposal 
In truth, there is no magic formula for writing a successful Head Start recompetition proposal. However, based on the grant knowledge we have developed over 15 years of grant writing, our success in capturing recompetition grants we assisted with in each of the prior Head Start Recompetition competitions, and information gained during grant recompetition reviewer training Heartland has developed a list of key actions you can take to increase your grant score. Click here to read more
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Redesignation, Continuation, Slot Conversions, and Supplemental Head Start Grants
Head Start proposals have changed over the last five years. Our grant development services support programs of all sizes in developing a full range of Head Start and Early Head Start grant applications from start-to-finish. Our approach utilizes our vast experience with Head Start funding and program operations to guide our clients through the proposal development process. In the end, Heartland is able to write a narrative that highlights the client’s commitment to Head Start, while demonstrating their capacity to provide high-quality services. At the foundation of our work is collaboration, communication, and partnership with our clients using virtual meeting tools, grant templates, and other resources to create a cohesive thoughtful proposal. 
Recompetition Tip Sheets