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Social Impact Program Evaluation 
There are no blueprints for attacking poverty or for uplifting oppressed groups but our method continually generates new solutions to attain success. 
Heartland Grant Solutions focuses on a number of the most critical social issues impacting our communities: education and youth, healthcare, sustainability, inequality, and community development. We work to implement strategic asset-based decision-making that we believe advances stakeholder participation and engagement. Our solutions and approaches have the power to change the world. 
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Our Recent Work and Current Projects 
​Pennsylvania Expanding Access to Oral Health Collaborative Project (PEAP)
After guiding the Siskiyou Superior Court and Siskiyou Department of Human Services through the funding process, Heartland began providing grant training, management, evaluation, and reporting services in 2010. This project culminated in the sustainment of the dependency court and the program enhancements implemented with grant funding upon conclusion of the project in December of 2014. 

As a small rural drug court, Siskiyou was suffering from lack of resources, limited participation, and difficulty forming collaborative partnerships with services providers. Heartland partnered with the project leadership team and provided guidance and support for project outcomes which included: doubling the participation of participants in the dependency court over the course of the project period, the development of a new policies and procedures manual that clearly articulated improved systems, establishment of integrated treatment and reporting systems, and the capture of additional grants to support program operations after the grant ended. We are so proud to have made a difference in this community!
In September of 2015, the Pennsylvania Department of Health was awarded a Health Resources Services Administration Grant under the Grants to States to Support Oral Health Workforce Activities program. Through this statewide project the Department of Health will partner with post secondary schools, public health agencies, managed care organizations, oral health collaborations and Federally Qualified Community Health Centers to increase the number of children receiving preventive care, decrease vacancy rates for oral health professionals, improve the state infrastructure for oral health, and improve oral health literacy among the population. As the lead evaluator Heartland will assist the project in its implementation and in reporting data and tracking the achievement of project outcomes over the course of the three-year project period. 

The ECSD Transition to Kindergarten Project was funded in July of 2014 by the Temple Hoyne Buell Foundation. Through this project Heartland is conducting a transition gap analysis to help meet the project goals of connecting the early learning community, building continuity across prek and kindergarten settings, focusing on family strengths through the transition process, tailoring transition practices to the individual needs of children and families, changing the thinking about transition to a process and not an event, and prioritizing interagency collaboration. 
Eagle County School District Kindergarten Transition Evaluation 
The Front Range Community College, Corporate Solutions division was awarded funds in 2012 to implement a comprehensive training project to reduce worker shortages and up-skill incumbent workers by providing training to advance certified nursing assistants along the career ladder leading to certification as a licensed practical nurse, training to 2,915 incumbent workers in health and information technology positions leading to certification, and to provide short-term training to unemployed workers holding post secondary degrees in information technology backgrounds. This collaborative project is currently working with the 5 hospitals of the Northern Colorado Health Care Consortium, a number of technology firms in Colorado, and IBM to put more people to work and improve the qualifications of workers in jobs currently filled by foreign workers holding H1-B Visas. As the lead evaluator, Heartland assists in project monitoring, data collection, reporting outcomes, and in ensuring the project is able to substantiate a generous non-federal contribution to the project. 

Front Range Community College Health and Information Technology Project