You Have Been Given the Gift of Time : Head Start in 2019
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You Have Been Given the Gift of Time

by Andrea Abbott on 12/14/16

You have been given the gift of time. As of today, the designation renewal funding opportunity announcements (FOAs) have not yet been posted. There are many steps that programs that will be relinquishing or competing for their grant can take to get a jump on the FOA. Heartland always suggests starting early so that you have time to craft the best proposal possible. If you would like a copy of an FOA from a prior round of recompetition so that you can start working on your grant, please do not hesitate to contact Andrea at We are happy to find a sample FOA that is similar to your service area that you can use while waiting for the release of the new FOA.

Heartland was also recently made aware that in addition to the FOAs for this round of redesignation, an additional round of recompetition grants will be posted in January. That means that due dates will likely be in February and March (60 days after the FOA is posted). Make sure to review your program planning calendar and schedules to assure that you can set aside dedicated time to work on your proposal, while managing other program planning activities such as your community assessment, strategic planning, and mid-year data tasks. If your program is overwhelmed by these activities or is seeking assistance Heartland is here to help and able to provide high-quality, cost effective services that meet the needs of programs of all sizes. 

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