Get Ready to Grow! Tips for A Competitive EHS-CCP Application : Head Start in 2019
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Get Ready to Grow! Tips for A Competitive EHS-CCP Application

by Andrea Abbott on 05/08/18

On May 4th the Early Head Start Child Care Partnership and Early Head Start Expansion (EHS-CCP) grant forecast was updated and the grant opportunity is slated to be released on June 5, 2018 with an anticipated due date of August 6, 2018. Through this funding opportunity, there will be $98 million available to fund new and existing EHS-CCP and EHS programs. The grant program will provide a unique opportunity to partner with childcare providers and to expand  EHS services to increase the number of infants and toddlers served in high quality programs. Listed below are a few strategies that programs planning to apply for these funds may want to consider to increase your chance of successful funding:  


1. What is your best program model? During the last round of funding, applicants had the choice of applying for funding in three different ways: 1) EHS-CCP Partnerships, 2) Non-Partnership Expansion, or 3) a mix of both EHS-CCP Partnerships and Expansion. When deciding which model is the best option for your agency it is important to identify if the Administration for Children and Families (ACF) will be allocating funds for any specific program models. For example, in round 2 of the EHS-CCP competition, ACF prioritized applicants that proposed to provide at least 51% of slots using the EHS-CCP Partnership model.


2. Funding is allocated by state, based on the number of children in poverty. This means that you are actually competing against other programs in your state applying for funding, rather than nationally. When you are designing your program model, it is good to get an idea of other EHS-CCP programs already operating in your state. Using this information, you can identify gaps in services and position yourself for a competitive application. To identify currently operating grantees, view the results from the last two rounds of the EHS-CCP competition on the Administration for Children and Families website.


3. Create informed partnerships. Having partners lined up and in support of your application is a good way to increase your chances of funding. Facilitate a community meeting or “EHS – childcare partnership information session” to help providers learn about the scope of the EHS program and the funding opportunity.  Please feel free to contact Heartland for our community meeting guide. 

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