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Charter School Grants
Charter School Grant Development 
Why Hire A Grant Writer? 
Charter schools offer society the opportunity to question the wisdom of our conventional educational system and day-to-day practices. Heartland believes in the charter school promise and sees the charter school model as a vehicle for creating dynamics that will foster change within our education system, while supporting the needs of all learners. 
Charter school grant applications are usually more than 60 pages long and have a submission period of six to eight weeks. Many organizations simply do not have the staff and resources available to support the development of a strategic high-quality application. For those that do have the resources, it is often difficult to design technically focused data-driven proposal that precisely responds to the scoring criteria. Heartland allocates our team of grantwriters to your project. This includes not only narrative support, but a full-quality review from experts who are familiar with the range of charter school grant requirements. 
Heartland can support your agency in winning a highly competitive charter school grant. Our process includes working with your team to define the vision and educational theory that will form the foundation of your educational program. Throughout the grant development process, we collaborate with our clients to ensure that your proposal provides a clear narrative aligned to all state and federal regulations. If needed, our consultants are equipped to perform additional research, data analysis, and provide information that strengthens and streamlines your narrative and budget.